Welcome to the world of CORDELS

My name is Cordula Pinna-Weth, called Cordel. As a designer, I have been creating and establishing collections in the field of jewelry and accessories for renowned international fashion brands for many years.

When I work for a brand, I focus on its vision and mission, I analyse and develop the brand DNA, I translate my insights into collections with a story, with a content, with a sense.

Many people are fascinated by the profession of a designer – and they can’t imagine being creative by themselves. This fact led me to the point of redefining my role as a designer – and to share my passion for beautiful things – especially jewelry – with other people. More than working on collections, I am working on the persons I want to reach – and inspiring them by offering more than well designed and qualitative excellent product.

I want to make a difference in my regional environment. This is best done in my own workspace – the Creative Lab. Here I design and produce everything by myself. My key topics are sustainability, up-cycling, recycling and the conscious use of resources. That’s what I want to convey. In my own jewelry collection, you will find unique pieces and small series – always handmade.

The focus set in 2019 is the direct work with the consumer – with you. The product is not created on a whiteboard, but it is resulting out of a creative process and the chosen materials and techniques. Beside working out designs and products, I am guiding you towards your own creativity – you will be surprised how much there is! For this purpose, I make you understand jewelry as a real experience.

You can book workshops with me where I will guide you towards your own skills – in creativity and in the work by hands. If my concept appeals to you, don’t hesitate and write to me – I’m looking forward to it!

If you are working for a Company with a Jewelry Background, I am offering a service which will be wider than the work as a designer – by use of my excellent skills and experiences, I am looking forward to develop further, to strengthen and to focus your collection: digging deeper than trend, aiming more than further development, bringing to life a product range with true values and content – for the today informed and conscious consumer.