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Retrospect into the me/ into the you

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Everybody is carrying a history of her/ his past –
discover your inner self by help of a Retrospect into the you

Grandma is looking like me – your kid is looking like your mother/ father on old pictures – this is evolution, we know that.

But what we sometimes deny is the history of our past – we are carrying the happiness, the tragedies, the diseases and the power of our ancestors without being aware of that – but they are always a part of us.

Where do you come from?

I have roots, you have roots – we can detect where to come from, where our family has lived and possibly travelled/ settled, how the family developed during the past century or even deeper in the past.

Where do you want to go?

By deciding your way of life, choosing your direction of profession, choosing your partner, choosing to live alone or to build a family, choosing the place where you live, building a home, you are defining a big part of your life. Most of the times, we are trained to look into our future.

How to RETROSPECT? What is the sense of it?

Everybody carries a little box of treasures – paper, photos, found items, possibly broken parts of the beloved coffee cup of your aunt – the engagement rings of your grandma, the first tooth, the first diamond, the first jewelry item you were given by your first Love…

If you like to dig into your inner self by taking the personal items of your past, I will be glad to help you bringing this story of yourself to a new light. Possibly in the end will be created a very personal jewelry item or a sculpture – something that you can keep and show – something that represents a very personal part of YOU.

The damaged and dirty Jasper-Necklace is repaired – and can be used in multiple ways
(not shown here)

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